Friday, July 31, 2009

A Makeover CONTEST!

Entries are now CLOSED! Want to win another contest? Click the "follow" button on the right of this page to receive updates on future contests and sales!

Here is the list that will be used tomorrow at noon to draw the winner. This was taken from the comments on this post. If I missed you (which I very well might have) email me at and I'll add you!

1. Holly (7/31/09 11:10)
2. Holly
3. Julianne Hendrickson
4. Julianne Hendrickson
5. Julianne Hendrickson
6. Jewels of Hope
7. Jewels of Hope
8. Holly (7/31/09 1:07)
9. Holly
10. Holly
11. Jenny
12. Jenny
13. Jenny
14. Jeni
15. Jeni
16. Jeni
17. Jeni
18. Beth
19. Beth
20. Beth
21. Beth
22. Gerri
23. Gerri
24. Ann
25. Ann
26. Ann
27. Tina
28. The Fowlers
29. Sean and Lisa
30. Sean and Lisa
31. Sean and Lisa
32. Sean and Lisa
33. Jewelielyn
34. The Dimino's
35. The Dimino's
36. The Dimino's
37. Kathy
38. Melissa
39. Melissa
40. Melissa
41. Grumpypants
42. Jewels of Hope

Hi guys!

In honor of this site's new design, how about a little contest?

This will be for 1 mini makeover (on a blogger blog) with a kit from your choice of my suggested designers! All you have to do to enter is comment on this post. For EXTRA entries, you can do the following:

-Tweet about this contest (something like: @lflambert is hosting a contest for a FREE blog makeover...check it out! Tweet must contain a link to this site! Please give your twitter name when you mention the tweet.
-Follow this site...I promise it's worth it, since this is where I put up contests, new blog designs (check out the "portfolio" page for some of those!) and sales! (if you're already following, just let me know and I'll get you your entry.)
-Follow my main blog (same as the other - if you're already following, just let me know and I'll get you your entry.)
-Make a blog post with a link to this site.

That gives you a total of 5 chances to win! Please enter each chance in a separate comment (so if you comment, tweet, and make a blog post, you'll need 3 separate comments for 3 entries).

I'll turn the comments off to this post and end the contest at 10:00 Sunday night. At that point, I'll put all of the entries in and see who wins!

Good luck!

Comments are now CLOSED! Please check back for future contests!


  1. Following your design blog.

  2. Hi leslie, love your designs :) I am a follower of this blog and your other blog :)

  3. Love your designs...we could really use a makeover!

  4. Oh and I also follow your other blog as well :)

  5. Your design blogs are awesome and I would LOVE to have a makeover! :)

  6. I love your designs!!! I am a follower of this blog and your other blog!

  7. Oh how I love your designs, I have been trying to get my photography blog started sometime and you are the one I want to do it! I love your work! :)

  8. I am also a follower of your other site...I am a sucker for beagles! WE have one too!

  9. I am a follower of this site! :)

  10. I also tweeted about the contest. My twitter name is @jenileanne. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  11. I just discovered your site and love your work. I'd love to get a new redesign.

  12. I would love a blog makeover! I am now a follwer of this blog.

  13. I am already a follwer of your main blog.

  14. I just sent out a tweet about your giveaway. My twitter name is bwaldrop2.

    Whew....maybe I will get lucky and win! :D

  15. I sent out a tweet about it (@BestOnBlogspot) and also emailed you about something else.

    Good luck to everyone.

  16. would love to win a mini makeover!!! =)

    I am following your design blog and I am a follower of your other blog.

  17. What a great idea to earn a little extra $$ doing something you enjoy. I love your designs!

  18. In desperate need of a blog makeover....

  19. I would love a mini blog makeover. I just started blogging and my blog looks a little sad.

  20. And, I am a follower of your design blog...

  21. I am also following your main blog

  22. And, I made a blog post with a link to your design blog :)

  23. i've been checking out several blogs that have received one of your make-overs. it is amazing to me how different they all look. my blog clearly needs your design expertise!

  24. I am now a follower of this blog!!

  25. Love your designs...I could really use a makeover!

  26. My daughter had a blog makeover from you and loves it! You do a great job. Let's see if I win one and you can help me out.

  27. I also did a Tweet for your blog!!

  28. I am now a follower of your blog!