Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Defining It

I get questions sometimes on the definition of some of the features I offer in my packages.  Here is a cut-and-dry way to know what you're getting in your design!

Sidebar Headers - These are the graphics on the sidebar that title each section.  The most popular requests are About Me, Followers, Visitors, Favorite Blogs, Popular Posts, Subscribe, and Archives...but you can have these say whatever you want!

Post Signature - Graphic (usually a name) that appears at the bottom of each blog post.  This can be automatically embedded or installed in a way that you can delete from individual posts if needed.

Blog Button - Graphic (on the sidebar) that coordinates with your design.  Also includes a method to install on others' blogs.  Great for those that swap buttons, buy ads on other sites, or like to give readers another way to promote your blog!

Blog Favicon - Small graphic that appears next to the blog title in a web browser and, depending on your browser, next to the url of your site as well.  This also appears on blog lists when a reader puts your blog in their favorite blogs section.  (On Blogger, this is automatically an orange square with a "B" in the middle.)

Post/Sidebar Title Font Matching - With this, I install a special code that allows me to upload one of the fonts I used in your design through an outside source.  Your post titles and sidebar titles will coordinate with one of the fonts in your design.

Social Media Buttons - Buttons that appear on the sidebar or in the header that link to your social media channels.  The most popular are Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Email, Bloglovin', and Instagram, but the possibilities are endless!

Post Divider - Coordinating graphic that will appear between each blog post displayed.

About Me Graphic - Graphic that appears on your sidebar, containing a picture of you/your family and a short paragraph about you.  Paragraph is matched in font and color to your design, and typically contains several different fonts/colors. (Example here)

Navigation Bar - Set of links that appear directly underneath or within your header...usually include Home, About Me, Contact, etc. (Again, the possibilities are endless!)  Graphics are coordinated to your design.

Facebook Matching - Includes Cover graphic and Profile Picture graphic that coordinate with your design installed into your blog's Facebook page

Twitter Matching - Includes Header graphic, Background graphic, and link color coordination for your Twitter page

"Pin It" Button on Blog Posts - Automatically allows readers to pin a certain page via a button on the blog. There are two options with this feature - 1) Pin It Button can appear at the bottom of each blog post, or 2) Pin It Button can appear when readers hover over a picture.

Up to 5 Framed Pictures on Sidebar - Great for profiling members of your family!  Includes up to 5 pictures that are framed to coordinate with your design.  Photos can also be labeled with family members' names on request.

***I also updated the portfolio page tonight...check out the 21 new designs I added!***

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