Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tornado Relief Auction!

If you're been looking for a new blog design, and a way to help with the tornado relief efforts, here's your chance!

From now until 10pm (central time) on May 15th, this post will be a "silent auction" for a super sweetie makeover, with digital kit of choice included!  This is around a $70 value, depending on your kit choice.  At that point, I will look to see who the highest bidder is...after submitting their payment, they will be on the wait list for a super sweetie makeover!

If you would like to bid on the auction, comment on this post with your bid (dollar amount), email address, and blog (if public).  Of course, your bid amount will need to be the highest to win.  After the time is up, I will contact the winning bidder with payment info.  Any proceeds from your payment will go to either the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce's Tuscaloosa Disaster Relief Fund or the Tuscaloosa City Council PTA Tornado Disaster Relief Fund...your choice!

Now bid away for a good cause!


  1. I'll get you started! $20 jeff_and_kahlaatyahoodotcome,

  2. $25 Daisee423atyahoodotcom

  3. Gotta get better than this! jeff_and_kahlaatyahoodotcom, $30

  4. $35 Daisee423atyahoodotcom

  5. $40--I know you are currently working on a blog design for me, but, I can also use another one for a different blog.
    Barrow's Hodgepodge

  6. $45 Daisee423atyahoodotcom